How to Read Colleen Hoover Books in Order in 2024

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to the Colleen Hoover book series. If you are a fan of one of the best-selling authors, Colleen Hoover, let’s gather here to read about her contributions to world literature. The Colleen Hoover book series has been one of the most talked about for years now. If you are someone who does not read much of Colleen Hoover’s books, you may probably wonder what is so unique about her books. Hey dude, there is something unique about the Colleen Hoover book series. Yes, you heard me right. In fact, when you read the books, you will get to know that the lady is unique in her style of writing. Her books drive readers on a journey of mixed feelings that one could not have imagined. You can just have a comfortable seat, relax, and let me walk you through the Colleen Hoover book series. In the walk-through, I will touch on how to read Colleen Hoover books in order.

But wait, do you need to read Colleen Hoover books in order? To enjoy the book series, I recommend you read them in order of the connection of each book, not in order of publication date. However, some writers about the Colleen Hoover book series may not have the chance to read all of her books; as a result, many writers tend to organize the reading of the Colleen Hoover book list in order of publication date. This flow of reading may not be that bad, but it may confuse you along the way. Let’s take a break here and discuss more in the later part of this write-up.

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Who Is Colleen Hoover

Hey dude, I don’t know Colleen Hoover in person, and I have never met her before, but I can tell you I know a lot about her after following her stories and her personal Facebook page for years. As a result, the answer I provide here is based on the stories I read about Colleen Hoover on social media, especially on the New York Times and her personal Facebook page. If you have been an active follower of the New York Times, you must have once seen their post about Colleen Hoover.

Now let’s go into her biography. Colleen Hoover is born on December 11, 1997, in the city of Sulphur Springs, Texas, in the United States. She is an author who writes novels that make waves around the world of literature. She was a New York Times-bestselling author renowned for her ability to blend romance, drama, and heartbreaking moments seamlessly in her novels. With a wide array of works to her name, including “It Ends With Us,” “Ugly Love,” and “Verity,” Colleen Hoover has solidified her position as a literary powerhouse, influencing readers worldwide with her compelling narratives. I hope you get a grasp of who Colleen Hoover is. If not, you can follow her Facebook page to get to know her a bit. Nevertheless, let’s get down to how to read Colleen Hoover books in order.

How to Read Colleen Hoover Books in Order

To embark on an unforgettable literary journey through Colleen Hoover’s masterpieces, follow these simple steps to read her novels.

Reading Colleen Hoover books in order ensures you can enjoy them without confusion. Examples of these series include the “Slammed Series,” the “It Ends With Us Series,” and “Hopeless.” Therefore, you need to know the flow you can use in order to enjoy your reading journey. For example, how would you feel if you were reading a story but could not connect the dots together? Well, awful, right? The same applies to reading the Colleen Hoover book series without following the order in which it should read them. Please note that this is just a personal recommendation based on my own experience. So get that, dude. Now below is the Colleen Hoover book list that you should read in order.

Slammed Series

Slammed series


Begin your reading with the slammed series by Colleen Hoover. Begin with the Slammed book. But wait, you may wonder what the Slammed book is about. Well, here is the short explanation. The slammed novel was published in 2012. It follows the story of Layken, an 18-year-old lady who moves to Michigan with her family after the death of her father. There, she meets her attractive neighbor, Will Cooper, who is 21 years old, and they develop a deep connection. However, their relationship faces various unexpected challenges. Thus, the novel explores themes of love, loss, family, and the power of poetry. It also delves into the complexities of relationships and the importance of communication and honesty.

Point of Retreat:

After Slammed, proceed with Point of Retreat. Point of Retreat was also published in 2012. In this book, the story continues to follow the lives of 18-year-old Layken and 21-year-old Will Cooper. They face new challenges in their relationship, including misunderstandings, insecurities, and outside pressures. The title “Point of Retreat” alludes to the characters’ journey of finding solace and resolution amidst turmoil. The novel explores themes of forgiveness, trust, and the importance of second chances.

This Girl:

After Point of Retreat, proceed with This Girl, which is the third book in the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover. The book was published in 2013. This book revisits the story of Layken and Will but primarily from Will’s perspective. In it, Layken and Will Cooper’s love overcomes critical moments, leading to their marriage. There, they begin to feel safe and secure in their marriage. 

Hopeless Series

Hopeless series


After reading the slammed series, proceed with the Hopeless series. Begin the Hopeless Series with Hopeless, published in 2012. The story follows the protagonist, Sky Davis, a high school senior who has been homeschooled for most of her life by her adoptive mother. When Sky meets a handsome boy named Dean Holder, her life takes an unexpected turn. As Sky and Holder’s relationship deepens, they both begin to confront dark secrets from their pasts. Sky starts to unravel the truth about her own identity and discovers shocking revelations about her past. Thus, the novel explores themes of love, loss, trauma, and redemption.

Losing Hope:

Next on your reading list should be “Losing Hope.” It is a companion novel to Colleen Hoover’s “Hopeless.” It retells the story from the perspective of the male protagonist, Dean Holder. The novel delves into Holder’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences as he triumphs over the events of “Hopeless” and his evolving relationship with Sky. The book explores Holder’s journey of self-discovery, healing, and redemption as he confronts his own demons and seeks forgiveness.

Finding Cinderella:

After reading the “Losing Hope” novel, proceed with Finding Cinderella. Finding Cinderella was published in 2013. It is also an interesting book in the “Hopeless Series.” The story of the book follows the characters Daniel and Six and their romantic journey. The novella explores themes of love, loss, and redemption, and readers praise its emotional depth and engaging storytelling. “Finding Cinderella” receives praises for its compelling characters and heartfelt narrative.

All Your Perfects:

Proceed with “All Your Perfects” after reading Finding Cinderella. All Your Perfects was published in 2018. As with many of Colleen Hoover’s books, All Your Perfects is popular for its emotional depth, realistic characters, and poignant storytelling. It’s a contemporary romance novel that explores the complexities of marriage and the challenges that come with it. The story follows Quinn and Graham, a couple whose marriage is on the brink of collapse due to their imperfections. 

Finding Perfect:

After reading All Your Perfects, proceed with Finding Perfect. It serves as a conclusion to the stories of some of Colleen Hoover’s beloved characters. It is told from the point of view of Daniel, a character from “Finding Cinderella.” Finding Perfect provides readers with closure and ties up loose ends for these characters.

Maybe Someday Series

Maybe Someday Series

Maybe Someday:

The Maybe Someday Series is an interesting part of the Colleen Hoover book series. You can continue reading this series after completing the Hopeless Series.

To have a full grasp of the story, begin with Maybe Someday, which was published in 2014. Maybe Someday is a contemporary romance novel. The story follows Sydney, a 22-year-old college student who discovers that her boyfriend and her best friend have been betraying her. When she finds out, she left her home and ends up moving in with her mysterious neighbor, Ridge. As Sydney and Ridge grow closer, they discover a shared passion for music, which leads to a deep emotional connection. The novel explores themes of love, trust, friendship, and the power of music. It’s popular for its unique narrative style, incorporating original songs written by musician Griffin Peterson, which add depth to the story. “Maybe Someday” receive praises for its well-developed characters, emotional depth, and engaging plot. It’s a favorite among fans of contemporary romance and has received positive reviews for its heartfelt storytelling.

Maybe Not:

After reading Maybe Someday, proceed with Maybe Not. Maybe Not serves as a companion to Maybe Someday. The story follows Warren, a side character from Maybe Someday, and focuses on his own romantic journey. When he becomes roommates with Bridgette, a sassy and independent woman, they initially clash due to their strong personalities. However, as they spend more time together, they begin to develop a surprising attraction. Maybe Not explores themes of friendship, love, and personal growth. It’s popular for its humor, witty banter between the characters, and steamy romance.

Maybe Now:

Proceed with Maybe Now after reading Maybe Not. Maybe Now is a follow-up novel to Maybe Someday and Maybe Not. In this book, the story continues to follow the characters Ridge and Sydney from “Maybe Someday,” as well as Warren and Bridgette from Maybe Not. It delves deeper into their lives, relationships, and struggles as they triumph in love, friendship, and personal growth. Maybe Now further explores the dynamics between the characters introduced in the previous novels, providing readers with closure and new developments in their lives. The book receives praises for its continuation of engaging storytelling, well-developed characters, and emotional depth, like any Colleen Hoover book.

It Ends With Us Series

It Ends With Us Series

It Ends With Us:

Next to the Maybe Someday series is the It Ends With Us series. To enjoy reading this series, begin with It Ends With Us.  It’s a contemporary romance novel that tackles serious themes such as domestic violence and the complexities of relationships. The story follows Lily Bloom, a young woman, who falls in love with a charming neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid. Despite their initial chemistry, Lily soon discovers that Ryle has a dark side, and she finds herself grappling with difficult choices as she tries to navigate their relationship. The novel receives praises for its raw and emotional portrayal of sensitive topics, as well as its thought-provoking narrative. “It Ends with Us” has resonated with readers for its powerful storytelling, well-rounded characters, and important messages about love, courage, and self-worth.

It Starts With Us:

After reading It Ends With Us, proceed with It Starts With Us. This novel focuses on Atlas’s side of the story and the continuation of the narrative. It explores Lily’s journey as she triumphs over her relationships with both Atlas and her ex-husband, Ryle. The novel explores emotional depth and further character development, as well as addressing themes such as second chances and complicated relationships.

Standalone Books:

Standalone Books

After finishing reading the series, you can proceed with reading the standalone books. Colleen Hoover book series such as Slammed and Hopeless are slightly different from the standalone books in terms of reading them. For the series, you need to read the preceding books to grasp the story that the follow-up books further explore. However, each standalone novel has its own unique storyline, characters, and setting, and they do not require reading any other books in order to understand or enjoy them. Among these are Ugly Love, Verity, Confess, and Layla. Therefore, you can read these standalone books in the order in which you wish.

Ugly Love:

Ugly Love was published in 2014 and has been one of the fans favorites. An intense physical attraction draws Tate and Miles, the main characters, to each other, but Miles carries a tragic past that threatens to destroy their budding relationship. As they triumph over the complexities of love and loss, they must confront their deepest fears to find redemption.

November 9:

This book, which revolves around Fallon and Ben, was published in 2015. The characters, Fallon and Ben, meet on November 9th and share an intense connection that transcends time and distance. Over the years, they reunite annually on the same date, triumphing over the challenges of love, loss, and forgiveness as they strive to overcome the obstacles that threaten to keep them apart.


Confess is a contemporary romance novel with elements of mystery and suspense, published in 2015. The story follows Auburn Reed, a young woman who moves to Dallas to start over after a series of tragic events in her life. She takes a job at an art studio owned by Owen Gentry, a talented and enigmatic artist. As Auburn and Owen grow closer, they both must confront their pasts and secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

Never Never:

The Never-Never book, published in 2016, is great piece. The story follows Charlie and Silas, high school students who wake up one day with no memory of who they are or how they got there. They find themselves in a bizarre situation where they forget everything about their lives. As they try to piece together their past and uncover the truth behind their memory loss, they also discover a mysterious connection between them that transcends their memory loss.

Without Merit:

Without Merit published in 2017, is a contemporary fiction novel that delves into themes of family dysfunction, mental health, and the search for identity. The story follows the main character, Merit Voss, who lives in a house filled with secrets and eccentricities. Feeling misunderstood and overlooked within her own family, Merit struggles with her own issues while also going through the complexities of teenage life. As the story unfolds, a series of events turns Merit’s world upside down, forcing her to confront her family’s secrets and her own insecurities. Without Merit receives praises for its candid exploration of mental health issues, its complex and relatable characters, and its poignant portrayal of family dynamics.


Verity published in 2018, follows the story of Lowen. She is a struggling writer who is hired to complete the remaining books in a bestselling series after the original author, Verity Crawford, incapacitated. As she delves into Verity’s manuscript, she uncovers dark secrets that threaten to destroy her sanity and her life. Verity is known for its gripping plot, chilling atmosphere, and unexpected twists and turns.

Regretting You:

Regretting You is a contemporary romance novel published in 2019. The story revolves around the complicated relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter. It follows the perspectives of both Morgan Grant, a mother who is struggling to navigate life after a tragedy, and her daughter Clara, who is dealing with her own struggles and secrets. As Morgan and Clara try to come to terms with their grief and find a way to move forward, they are both faced with unexpected challenges and decisions that test their bond as mother and daughter. Along the way, they also encounter new relationships and experiences that help them grow and heal.

Heart Bones:

Heart Bones is a contemporary romance novel published in 2020. The story follows the protagonist, Beyah, as she spends the summer with her estranged father in a coastal town in North Carolina. Beyah is trying to escape her troubled past and find some semblance of stability in her life. During her time in this new environment, Beyah meets a local boy named Samson, who is dealing with his own personal struggles. As they grow closer, they form a deep connection and begin to heal each other’s emotional wounds. However, secrets from their pasts threaten to derail their budding relationship.


Layla is a paranormal romance novel published in 2020. The story centers around the protagonist, Leeds, who is grappling with the aftermath of a traumatic event that has left him emotionally scarred. He and his girlfriend Layla decide to take a break and stay at a bed and breakfast in the small town of Cedar Cove, where they hope to find solace and healing. Layla is praised for its atmospheric setting, intriguing plot twists, and complex characters.

Reminders of Him:

Reminders of Him was published in 2022. In this story, Remi’s life is forever changed when she meets the charming and enigmatic Brooks. As their relationship blossoms, Remi has to confront her past and the secrets she’s kept hidden from those she loves. As she navigates love, loss, and redemption, she must find the strength to forgive herself and embrace the possibility of a future with Brooks.

Too Late:

Too Late was originally published in 2016. The story follows the protagonist Sloan as she traverses a dangerous relationship with her boyfriend Asa, a drug dealer with a violent streak. When Sloan meets Carter, a police officer investigating Asa’s criminal activities, she finds herself torn between her loyalty to Asa and her growing feelings for Carter. Readers praise Too Late for its dark and gritty storyline, as well as its exploration of themes such as abuse, trauma, and redemption. They admire its suspenseful plot, well-drawn characters, and its sensitive and realistic tackling of difficult subject matter.

Colleen Hoover Books in Order of Chronology

  1. Slammed (2012)
  2. Point of Retreat (2012)
  3. Hopeless (2013)
  4. This Girl (2013)
  5. Losing Hope (2013)
  6. Finding Cinderella (2013)
  7. Maybe Someday (2014)
  8. Ugly Love (2014)
  9. Maybe Not (2014)
  10. Confess (2015)
  11. November 9 (2015)
  12. Too Late (2016)
  13. Never Never (2016)
  14. It Ends With Us (2016)
  15. Without Merit (2017)
  16. All Your Perfects (2018)
  17. Maybe Now (2018)
  18. Verity (2018)
  19. Finding Perfect (2019)
  20. Regretting You (2019)
  21. Heart Bones (2020)
  22. Layla (2020)
  23. Reminders of Him (2022)
  24. It Starts With Us (2022)


In conclusion, reading Colleen Hoover books in order allows you to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of her storytelling. Colleen Hoover’s novels offer a rich tapestry of emotions for readers to explore, from heartwarming romances to gut-wrenching dramas. Settle in for a captivating read with your favorite Colleen Hoover book, and let it transport you to a world where love, loss, and redemption intertwine seamlessly.

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