10 Best Websites that Offer Free College Textbooks

Every college student who attends has been there. You’re eager to learn more about a subject you love or that will help you begin your career when you receive the reading list for your classes. The majority of the textbooks on your reading list have triple-digit price tags, which you discover when you Google their names. A textbook typically costs between $170 and $90. When you factor in tuition and student debt, that’s a lot of money. Thankfully, obtaining free college textbooks is possible. We’ll list the top five websites to assist you in doing just that. Five best websites that provide free textbooks for students Let’s skip forward because you can’t afford to lose time waiting for the necessary texts. directly to the juicy stuff. The top five websites for obtaining free college textbooks are listed below.

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1. OpenStax

Through OpenStax, the Texas-based Rice University offers free college textbooks, although users are not limited to the university’s student body. Over 7,000 schools worldwide use this nonprofit effort. The textbooks cover a wide range of topics, including social science and computer science. Every title is available for free download and has been checked to make sure it is licensed. It even includes textbooks for high school and extra learning materials via the OpenStax Tutor.

2. Project Gutenberg

A nonprofit group called Project Gutenberg, named for Johannes Gutenberg, the man who invented the printing press, seeks to remove barriers to education around the world by providing information in multiple languages and formats. For every book, Project Gutenberg provides HTML, PDF, MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB, and even plain text; other websites are not consistent in what file formats are available for any particular publication. Since it includes most of the classics, it is a must-read for anyone studying the humanities or literature. It’s not as reliable with more current textbooks, but you could get fortunate.

3. Internet Archive 

It includes images of pages and websites from “way back”; this allows you to access stuff from the internet that has subsequently been altered or removed. 

The Open Library is a special component of the website devoted to books. Some titles are available for instant reading through your computer, while others need “borrowing,” which entails having the book available to you for a set amount of time with a restricted number of users at any given moment. While most books are only available for one-hour checkouts, occasionally one can be checked out for several days.

4. The Open Textbook Library

The Open Textbook Library, which should not be confused with the Internet Archive’s Open Library, offers a variety of openly licensed textbooks that can be properly attributed without breaking the law. It has a smaller library than others, with a little over 1,000 volumes.

5. ScholarWorks

Even if you are not a student, Grand Valley State University provides ScholarWorks, which allows you to obtain free college textbooks on a variety of subjects. To begin reading, you do not need to register for an account on the website.

6. Library Genesis (LibGen)

This website is a controversial resource, as it offers access to millions of academic articles and books, many of which may not be legally available for free download. It’s important to be aware of the copyright issues surrounding this website before using it.

7. Bookboon

This website offers a variety of free ebooks on business and professional topics. While not all books are specifically geared towards college courses, many can be valuable supplementary materials.

8. Saylor Academy

This website offers a variety of free online courses, including college-level courses. The courses include readings, quizzes, and other learning materials, many of which are available in PDF format.

9. Wikibooks

This website is a collaborative project to create free textbooks and other learning materials. The quality of the books on Wikibooks can vary, but you may be able to find some useful resources here, especially for less common subjects.

9. Lyryx Learning

This website offers a variety of free and low-cost online textbooks. The textbooks on Lyryx Learning are all aligned with common core standards, but many can be useful for college students as well.

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