Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan Scholarship at Linnæus University

This autumn, Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan will reward prominent degree theses from Linnaeus University with a generous scholarship to support further studies or research. The scholarship aims to recognize and encourage academic excellence and innovative research within the university community. Students are encouraged to submit their best work for consideration and showcase their dedication to their field of study. The recipients of the scholarship will not only receive financial support but also recognition for their hard work and commitment to their academic pursuits.

Scholarship Value
You can be rewarded with 50.000 SEK or 25.000 SEK.

The work shall demonstrate a high level of creativity, new technology, practical relevance, technical relevance, business potential, entrepreneurship, or highlight benefits within the welfare, healthcare, and public sectors. The scholarship aims to recognize and support innovative and impactful research within various fields of study. By applying for the Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan Scholarship 2024, you not only have the opportunity to receive financial support for your hard work but also to showcase your potential to make a difference in society. Don’t miss this chance to reward your dedication and contribution to the academic community. Apply now and take the next step towards realizing your academic and professional goals.

Table of Contents

Reward Structure

The reward structure for the Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan scholarship emphasizes the importance of eligible works showcasing creativity, new technology application, practical and technical significance, business potential, entrepreneurship, or contributions to welfare, healthcare, and public sectors.

  • Prominent theses can receive either 50,000 SEK or 25,000 SEK in recognition.
  • Eligible works must demonstrate high levels of creativity, utilize new technology, possess practical and technical relevance, show business potential, entrepreneurship, or highlight benefits in welfare, healthcare, and public sectors.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan scholarship:

  • Degree theses can be at the basic/undergraduate or advanced/master level, with a minimum credit requirement of 15 hp.
  • Theses must be marked during the autumn term of 2023 or the spring term of 2024.

Application Process

To apply for the Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan scholarship, complete the online form and attach your thesis along with certificates from collaborators. Certificates should assess the work.

  • Applicants must fill out the application form accessible via the provided link.
  • The application requires attaching the thesis or dissertation along with any certificates from collaboration partners and supervisors at Linnaeus University.
  • Certificates should ideally include an assessment of the work and the work process.
  • All attachments must be in PDF format.
  • The deadline for application submission is August 11.


For inquiries or further information regarding the Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan scholarship, reach out to the following contacts:

To apply use the officially link: application form via this link.

To apply for more scholarships: APPLY HERE

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