How to Obtain a Poland Work Visa in 2024

Arranging a short trip to Poland is not the same as getting ready for a job opportunity there, which calls for more careful planning and preparation. In the event that you have obtained employment in Poland, you will probably need a Poland work visa. This particular kind of Polish national (long-term) visa permits non-EU citizens to work in Poland. To work in Poland, an individual must have a valid visa if they are not a citizen of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland. On the other hand, nationals of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland who plan to work in Poland for more than three months merely need to register their visit at a local registration office. This registration process not only notifies Polish authorities of your plan to live and work in Poland for an extended period of time, but it also serves as a substitute for applying for a visa.

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How to Acquire a Poland Job Visa:

  • Your employer initiates a work permit application on your behalf.
  • You apply for a work visa at the Polish embassy.
  • Enter Poland and commence working.

Types of Polish Work Visas:

Before applying for a work visa, understanding the type of work permit needed is crucial. The categories of work permits in Poland include:

  • Work Permit A: Required if you’ve received a job offer from a business registered in Poland. This permit is issued under the condition that you obtain a valid residence permit.
  • Work Permit B: Necessary if you’ll be employed as a board member and reside in Poland for over six months.
  • Work Permit C: Applicable if a foreign employer delegates you to Poland for more than 30 days to work at their Polish branch.
  • Work Permit D: Required if a foreign employer sends you to Poland to provide export services, provided the foreign employer lacks a Polish branch.
  • Work Permit S: Needed if a foreign employer sends you to Poland for agricultural, hunting, fishing, or accommodation activities.

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Poland Work Visa Fees:

  • For work durations of fewer than three months, the fee is €11.05.
  • Similarly, for work durations exceeding three months, the fee is €22.10.
  • Additionally, a Work Type D Permit costs €44.19.

Poland Job Visa Requirements:

Essential documents for a Poland work visa application include:

  • A valid passport that is valid for at least six months (or longer if the embassy requests it).
  • Filled out, printed, and signed the e-Konsulat visa application form.
  • Passport size photographs adhere to Schengen visa requirements for photos.
  • Evidence of a paid for or reserved trip to Poland.
  • Evidence of health insurance for travel that is at least €30,000.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Poland.
  • Your employer provided both originals and copies of your work permits.
  • employment letter outlining the terms of your employment, including your position and compensation.
  • CV or work experience certificate.
  • a certificate of police clearance proving a clean criminal history.

How to Apply:

Once authorized to work in Poland, apply for a work visa at the Polish Embassy in your country. Follow these steps:

  • Find the Polish Embassy or Consulate in your area.
  • Make an appointment for a visa using the e-Konsulat website or by contacting an embassy or consulate.
  • assemble the required documents.
  • On the scheduled date, submit the application and, if necessary, show up for the visa interview.

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